Company Updates

December 2013 - W.E. Roberts have completed the installation of the enhancements to our steam system for our Corrugator process heat. Baviera Steam Systems were commissioned to improve our steam system with their state of the art control system, ensuring our energy efficiency and steam control on the corrugator is at optimum levels. 

October 2013 - W.E. Roberts (Corrugated) Ltd are proud to achieve their FSC Chain of Custody certificate. A copy of our certificate is available here.

March 2013 - Our FSC audit has been booked for September 2013.
This will ensure all our material follows FSC guidelines.

January 2013 – Our new Latitude Casemaker has been installed. With running speeds in excess of 250 cases per minute, this machine can run standards cases together with retail ready and shelf ready packaging products with it’s inbuilt rotary die section. This new addition combined with our on-site corrugator ensures that we are able to give the service, support and pricing structure that is second to none.

January 2012 - The final section of the Corrugator investment has now been installed. We are now able to produce B, C, BC, BE and E flutes up to a deckle of 2200mm at a speed of up to 305 meters per minute.

January 2012 - We have taken delivery of 5 new Mercedes Benz HGV vehicles to enhance our delivery fleet. These are equipped with Euro 5 engines to ensure maximum environmental and fuel efficiency technology. Our vehicles are fitted with Masternaut vehicle scheduling and tracking system providing enhanced customer support to ensure deliveries are made on time and complete.

July 2011 - Our converting machinery has been enhanced with the delivery of a Klett Box King. This has the capability of producing 120 FEFCO styles with very large board sizes. It is in ideal machine for wraps that are used in the printing industry.

March 2011 - W.E. Roberts (Holdings) Ltd has taken over the shareholding of Scope Packaging Ltd. Scope are specialists in high quality point of sale display work and are an excellent addition to the WER brand.

March 2011 - Delivery has been made of 4 New Mitsubishi Fork Trucks. With excellent safety features and reliability these trucks will ensure that our product is moved within our site and out our fleet in the safest and cleanest possible way.

April 2010 - The WER Group have been successful in their bid to purchase the 2.2M Corrugator from the Administrators of Western Corrugated Ltd, who unfortunately went into Administration at the start of 2010. The Corrugator will be transferred to Northfleet and will significantly increase our capacity together with the number of flutes we can manufacture in-house. The removal from its current position will start in May 2010 with the planned first phase of installation at Northfleet, scheduled for August 2010. 

September 2009 - Our corrugator has been enhanced by the installation of a new Slitter Scorer.  This comes with razor sharp self sharpening slitting blades and 3 types of scoring profiles.  The machine comes with auto setting facility and links seamlessly with our estimating and production systems to give a  smooth and fast order change sequence. 

April 2009 - WER purchases TOPS®Pro by Tops Engineering. This software enables us to further look at ways to reduce our customers packaging and transport costs by 5-20% by optimising all areas of packaging design, from primary and secondary packaging through to case, pallet and vehicle. 

February 2009 - The first stage of the upgrade of the WER group’s website has been performed. Further stages involve an online quoting and ordering system for bespoke cardboard which are planned for the summer of 2009.

January 2009 - The WER group’s partnership with Abaca Systems to create a online ordering system has been completed. The site enables new and existing customers to order their packaging supplies online.  This seamlessly links to our back office system which makes the process very efficient from point of order to despatch of goods.

In the past...

December 2008 - An upgrade as been performed on our production process steam boiler system to improve the efficiency and reduce the environmental impact.

November 2008 - We are pleased to announce the appointment of Phil Durn who joins the group as Technical Director. Phil has over 30 years experience in the Corrugated industry and brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the box making field.

December 2007 - Our 3 Point Gluer installation was completed. This machine enables us to perform more specialist box and die cut gluing tasks at a higher speed.

November 2007 - We have replaced our Rotary Die Press stacker with a new model supplied and installed by Anderson Container Machinery. This enables to produce more items out of a sheet where the product specification allows and reduces downtime and overall machinery efficiency.

September 2007 - The installation was completed for our inline stretch wrapping machine. This enables us to stretch wrap goods automatically which is mainly required for food industries or companies that require an increased level of protection.

July 2007 - W.E. Roberts added another Artic to it’s fleet of vehicles enabling us to despatch 15 loads of cardboard a day. With our Masternaut system enabling full vehicle scheduling our transport department has a complete overview of our fleet.

July 2007 - W.E. Roberts upgrade it’s TCY Printer Slotter with a Folder Gluer section. This enables us to produce bundled finished boxes from a sheet of board in one pass.

March 2007 - We have replaced 2 of our cargo’s for a new Mercedes Axor and Atego which have been optimised for delivering our goods. These have been enabled for our Masternaut system.

January 2005 - Our investment in technology continues with the purchase and installation of the Abaca & CTI system. This enables us to perform our business more efficiently with greater visibility of our order, production & transport systems.

October 2004 - As part of our upgrade of our Northfleet site, we have chosen Swyx as our communications system. This state of the art technology enables our customers to benefit for increased availability of our staff and systems.

January 2005 - We have completed the installation of our new air driven waste system. This enables excess cardboard waste to be removed from the machines automatically and diverted straight to the baler.

November 2004 - The relocation to Northfleet is complete.

October 2004 - We have taken delivery of our new Bobst SPO160 Vision die-press. This machine can produce 4,500 boards per hour and will increase our turnaround time on die cut work.

August 2004 - The Directors of W.E. Roberts (Corrugated) Ltd announce that the company is to relocate it's head office to Northfleet. Our site at Northfleet will expand from it's current 50,000 square feet to approximately 90,000 square feet. The directors of W.E. Roberts have striven over recent years to improve on our strong production outfit by getting our Corrugator on the same site as our production machines. This will greatly improve the flow and logistics of our manufacturing plant.

December 2004 - We have taken delivery of two New Mercedes Axor Artic Unit's to further enhance our vehicle fleet and to give us even more flexibility and reliability with our in-house managed transport.

September 2003 - W.E. Roberts (Corrugated) Ltd places an order for an automatic cardboard bailing press. The machine will cope with in excess of 800 tonnes per month of waste cardboard and improves the speed waste can be removed from our production machines.

June 2003 - We have taken delivery of our two New Iveco 7.5 tonne vehicles.

September 2002 - We are close to completing the redevelopment of our Northfleet site to house a range of production machines next to our Corrugator. Once completed, this should increase our ability to offer a quicker turnround on corrugated products.

April 2002 - The W.E. Roberts Group launches it's e-commerce enabled site The first phase of our continued development allows customers to purchases a wide range of stock packaging supplies items online. In the future we will be enhancing our site to include bespoke corrugated items and the ability to design your own case online.

April 2001 - Following on from the refit of our Two colour printer slotter last February, we have contracted for the last of our printing machines to be converted to Lead Edge Feed Technology, as part of a complete overhaul of this machine.

December 2000 - We are pleased to announce the completion and successful installation at our Northfleet Corrugator Plant of a Paper Reel Stock computerised control system. This new system which was conceived and developed entirely in house will track all paper stock from point of order, through receipt and usage in manufacture, no matter how many times an individual item of stock is used on and off the machines. The ability to trace the source of raw materials in any finished product, more accurate assessment of manufacturing waste and the prevention of accidental use of wrong materials in manufacture are a few of the many benefits this new tool will give us.

August 2000 - The W.E. Roberts Group of Companies launches it's first website.

February 2000 - We have just completed a major overhaul of our 2 colour flexographic printer slotter. This machine now has magnetic cylinders, 8mm slots to produce cases compatible with automatic sealing machines in line with our other printers and lead edge feed technology.

July 1999 - Further capital investment inline with company policy. We have continued to reinvest in improvements to our capital equipment. Following an extensive investigation into various machines on the market, culminating in a visit by our Managing Director, Alan Roberts to Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China, we have purchased a new Double Backer Glue Unit and Fingerless Single Facer from Taiwan based Comauto International Plc. We can report the early results from this equipment, particularly in connection with quality are very pleasing.

The recycling loop is so efficient that an old box can be recycled, remade and reused in just two weeks.