Environmental Statement

W. E. Roberts is fully committed to a programme of continuous improvement on the impact of all environmental issues that are a result of the Company’s business.


As a member of VALPAC since 2000, we along with 5000 other companies use their services to ensure compliance to packaging waste regulations. 100% of our waste material generated from the production facility is collected and recycled. The company has an additional policy to ensure that all office waste is baled and recycled.

The WER Group has always encouraged our customer base to use recycled papers whenever possible. All white and mottled papers used are test based products and our sales team are trained to advise customers that a Kraft alternative or substitute that is fully recycled, and further recyclable, can be supplied. Please click here to view our full Paper Procurement Policy.

We have embarked on a twelve months project to replace existing boilers with new low energy consumption boilers. They will not only create greater energy efficiency but also reduce production waste and environmental pollution.

Any pure Kraft paper that has to be used to comply with EEC regulations regarding food packaging is produced from managed forests and is totally recyclable.

Our transport fleet is being migrated to ensure that all vehicles use Adblue for Selective Catalytic Reduction.

The recycling loop is so efficient that an old box can be recycled, remade and reused in just two weeks.