Abaca Systems and CTI Partnership

CTI      Abaca Systems

W.E. Roberts uses Abaca’s Packaging 3000 system and CTI’s suite of solutions for it’s backoffice software. These have both made a vast difference to the company since the install back in 2005.

With these systems, they have been able to contribute to and maintain the high level of customer service that the group strives for. Whether it is controlling the high level of quotations we are processing at once or visualising when a job is being produced (or going to be produced) on our conversion machines - this software is able to give our customers the answer and much, much more.

MASTERNAUT Vehicle Scheduling

Vehicle Tracking

WER embraces vehicle scheduling technology to assist in the management and requirements of our customers deliveries.

Our Transport Department has an up to the second view of our transport fleet and any traffic problems that may be facing them.

In today’s times reducing our carbon footprint and our energy efficiency is of upmost importance, the Masternaut system enables us to keep our fleet costs to a minimum and thus creating the ability to sell our products at the most competitive prices around today.

MASTERNAUT Vehicle Scheduling SystemMASTERNAUT Vehicle Scheduling System

Swyx Communication


The W.E. Roberts Group of Companies adopted Swyx as it’s IT system for communications. It has led to an improved customer service through better availability of both staff and information. In addition, the intelligent call routing system has led to increased response times.

If our sales team have an internet connection, they are able to seamlessly join our communication system wherever they are in the world, responding quickly to our customers requests.

Corrugated cardboard has a recycling rate of 84% in the UK. This is the highest recycling rate of any type of packaging in the UK.